After successfully lobbying for a full review of the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (REBBA), OREA has launched a consultation process to get feedback from our members about the future of the Act and our profession.

The review of REBBA is a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the future of our profession and that is what OREA’s consultation with members is all about.

Over the next four months, OREA will be launching a series of white papers on Enforcement, Continuing Education, the Code of Ethics and Entrance Education. They are not the official position of OREA and are intended to encourage member discussion and feedback which will form the final recommendations which go to the OREA Board of Directors.

Whether it is visiting this site, attending area meetings or emailing REBBAreform@orea.com, we hope that you will find time to share your feedback and ideas.

With your help, we can make our province a leader in North America when it comes to professional standards in the real estate industry.